Level System

Train. Fight. Win. has a unique level system created in house, that allows our clients to learn techniques in an organized and educational manner. This also allows our coaches to easily pair up students of the same level. Each level encompasses 4 elements of Mixed Martial Arts:

  1. Boxing
  2. Muay Thai Kickboxing
  3. Stand up Wrestling
  4. Submission Wrestling

To move up in a level the student must be proficient in each area and approved by a head coach to test for the next level. We designate specific levels with colored shirts. Each level has a list of moves, techniques, and theories, which the student must know.

Level 1 Green Shirt

The Level 1 student most likely has no prior, or very little experience in Mixed Martial Arts.

Level 2 Blue Shirt

The level 2 student can execute basic techniques such as basic submissions and defenses. The student should be comfortable with light sparring.

Level 3 Purple Shirt

Level 3 students are able to blend their striking with grappling, and submissions. Level 3 students will be capable of executing medium level techniques and should be able to chain multiple submissions together fluently.

Level 4 Red Shirt

A level 4 student has mastered the basics of MMA. They should know and be comfortable with high level techniques. This student should be capable of training at any high level MMA facility in the world. While competing is not a requirement to become a red shirt, a level 4 student should be completely capable of competing in kickboxing, boxing, grappling tournaments or MMA.