We have many ways you can challenge yourself to work towards new goals at TFW. Everyone had a first day once so whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, why not make this year about setting goals and smashing them!

Running/Obstacle Course Races (OCR)

Have you always wanted to try your first 5k or Tough Mudder even? Our fitness coaches can guide you through workouts and a training plan to get ready, and will even compete alongside you! Coach Eric and Coach James have competed in numerous OCR’s, triathlons, and races so please feel free to talk to them for more information!

Grappling Team

Did you compete in sports in high school and miss having a team environment with a competitive edge? Our grappling team welcomes everyone from the novice grappler to the advanced and every few months we travel to a competition. The only thing required to be a member of G-team is a positive attitude, a consistently strong work ethic, and the drive to learn something new while getting in the best shape of your life.  Do you have what it takes? Speak with Coach Franklin or Coach Sky for more information.


Our gym holds three championship wins in the International Kickboxing Federation’s (IKF) yearly tournament, and our fighters have fought in various kickboxing events around Florida. If you are interested in competing in kickboxing be sure to come to as many kickboxing classes, and sparring as possible and speak to Coach Sky.


MMA incorporates techniques from stand up striking (boxing, kickboxing), stand up grappling (wrestling, judo) and submission grappling. Due to all of these techniques, it is a highly skilled and athletic discipline that requires commitment and focus to have what it takes to compete. We recommend our fighters regularly train for at least one solid year before competing in their first MMA bout. Do you have the discipline and drive that it takes? Speak with Coach Sky if you are interested in competing.