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MMA Muay Thai Tallahassee

WHAT TO EXPECT – Muay Thai Tallahassee

Watch Train. Fight. Win. Co-Owner Sky Rudloe explain what you can expect the first day of MMA and Muay Thai Tallahassee classes.
These classes will give you the full fighter’s workout without actually stepping in the cage. Train like the pros do and get the best workout of your life! Don’t be afraid. All levels of fitness encouraged to attend.
Our no-gi submission grappling/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program is specifically geared for MMA, self-defense, kickboxing and muay thai. You will learn techniques in wrestling, judo throws and locks, submissions, and escapes. This is a comprehensive fitness program that includes weightlifting, circuit training. You’ll need to stay on your toes. Train.Fight.Win gives you the skills you need with methods both in and outside the box. Get ready. Get on the mat.

Muay Thai Tallahassee classes

mma classes

As the only BANG Muay Thai affiliate gym in North Florida, you will learn Duane Ludwig’s BANG Muay Thai system (or BMT). It is a rigorously developed kickboxing system created by Ludwig himself – one of the most technical strikers in MMA. View our schedule to find Muay Thai Tallassee classes offered at Train. Fight. Win.

Sensei Duane Ludwig, creator of the Bang Muay Thai system

  • Bas Rutten Black Belt
  • Coached TJ Dillashaw to 2 UFC World Titles
  • 2x UFC Coach of the year (2013 & 2014)
  • Fastest Knockout in UFC History (0:06)
  • Only K1-MAX Champion to compete in the UFC

Muay Thai You will learn

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Judo throws
  • no-gi submission grappling
  • locks
  • submissions
  • escapes