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Youth program


Watch as TFW Co-Owner Sky Rudloe explains what your young ones can expect on their first day of class.
Teach your child to be their own hero. Our Spartan Youth program allows your Spartan in training to build confidence, agility, and discipline. Train. Fight. Win. will give them the tools they need to avoid conflict when possible and be their own hero if necessary. We are a bully-free zone.
*We welcome children ages 6-12 to our Youth Progam
  • Fitness: We believe that good fitness habits should start early. Making healthy practices part of a child’s routine is a habit that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Coaches discuss the importance of staying active, moderation of sweets, and demonstrate how much fun staying healthy can be.
  • Self-Confidence: “The more you learn about fighting, the less fighting you will do in life.” Physical confidence can translate to confidence in all aspects of life. That confidence can follow your child into other sports, in social settings or in the classroom.
  • Anti-Bullying: At TFW we teach your kids how to defend themselves, and the mentality to not need to. We believe that the best fight is the one that never happens. Coaches discuss the ways to deal with bullying without resorting to violence. However, we believe no one should be a victim, and that, if necessary, a child should have the ability and skills to successfully protect themselves.
  • Self-Defense: Our coaches share skills and information provided by TPD in their RAD Kids Program. Kids learn about the dangers of strangers, safe situational awareness, and physical skills to escape dangerous situations.
  • Fun: Our classes are FUN! We mix games and gymnastics into our training to make sure your kids love their time at our gym. The fact is, both adults and kids alike probably won’t stick to a training routine if they are not enjoying it. We strive to ensure that every training session is both exciting, fun, and educational. We extend this policy to our adult classes as well. Just a thought, moms and dads!
    spartan youth program

    spartan youth program

    The Train Fight Win Spartan Youth Program is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn the skills of Mixed Martial Arts – the fastest growing sport in America! Our program focuses on teaching:
    • discipline
    • respect
    • physical fitness
    • developing functional martial arts skills

    At TFW, we don’t believe in limiting your child to one discipline, instead, we focus our instruction on a number of the most popular martial arts, including:

    • boxing
    • kickboxing
    • jiu-jitsu