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Your First Day

If you’re reading this you’re interested in trying out our gym! This page will serve to answer some of the frequently asked questions about getting started and what to expect. First thing you want to look at is the class schedule. Since your entire first day is free, it’s a good idea to choose a day that has several classes you want to try out. A good example would be to come at 5:30 to try the HIIT circuit class, and then stick around for kickboxing or submission wrestling at 6:30. This way, you are able to experience a variety of training to see what you will like.
IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY on your first day so you have time to fill out the liability waivers and get orientated with the gym.
If you are planning on trying out a martial arts class, we strongly suggest you take some time to watch our instructional videos. During your first day, you will be taught basics such as: proper stance, striking technique, or basic submissions and escapes. Watching the videos will give you a better idea of what you will be learning, and allow you to more quickly join the main class. In addition, there are several videos that will give you an idea of the day to day training we do here at Train. Fight. Win.


Your ID, comfortable work out clothing, water, a towel, and athletic shoes. Most martial arts classes will not require shoes, but bring them for fitness classes.


If it is a striking class, you will get boxing gloves from the front desk. First rental is free then it is $2/day unless you have your own gloves. After your first day if you enjoy our striking classes and you sign up, you will get a pair of handwraps.


The instructor will announce the start of class and tell you where to line up. Classes typically involve some kind of warm up, which the instructor will explain to you, various techniques of the day, and usually end with a workout or light sparring (optional, never enforced, many people choose to opt out, but if you do want to spar, a mouthpiece is required).

We hope this will answer some of your main questions, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions (email is the best way). We make it a point to never expect a student to simply sink or swim, and figure things out on their own. We want everyone who comes here to feel welcome regardless of experience or fitness level. It is our goal that every person who enters our doors feels they have been improved in some way by their visit, every time.
Parking for Train Fight Win is outlined below in green. Parking is permitted within the Train Fight Win parking lot, and also in the front parking lot of Corner Pocket.