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Explain Bang Muay Thai
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Our headline poses two quick questions, so we’re going to respond with two brief answers before delving deeper into the issues: Bang Muay Thai is a mixed martial arts (MMA) discipline. Six seconds.
igh-Intensity Interval Training HIIT
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In the world of fitness, one workout trend has been making waves and transforming bodies like never before: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). At its core, HIIT is all about intensity, pushing your limits, and achieving maximum results in a short amount of time. In this blog, we’ll delve into the science behind HIIT, exploring how it can elevate your fitness levels and why it’s a key offering at Train Fight Win, a fitness company based out of Tallahassee, Florida.
Martial Arts Success
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If you’re planning to learn a martial art, you’re probably interested in securing the many physical, mental, and health-boosting benefits of martial arts training. You might also understand that mastering a martial art is a significant challenge that requires dedication, hard work, and hundreds—if not thousands—of hours of training.
What is MMA
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If you’ve ever watched an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bout on cable TV, then you’re probably familiar with the term “mixed martial arts (MMA).” If not, we’ll start here by telling you that professional MMA is one of the fastest-growing fighting sports in the world, with more than 300 million and growing fans worldwide. This popularity is believed to be largely responsible for the huge increase in the number of martial arts studios in the U.S., which grew from just over 9,000 in 2012 to over 50,000 today.
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If you primarily visualize images of striking and kicking over takedowns and submission holds when thinking about mixed martial arts (MMA), you might not be aware of the significant role grappling has played in the evolution of the sport. While fierce strikes and devastating kicks dominate highlight reels, professional MMA fighters with strong grappling skills have long secured the most victories. In fact, a 2017 study of elite-level MMA competitors determined that “grappling activity and technique accuracy are of particular importance in achieving victory.”
Youth Program at Train Fight Win
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Many parents unfamiliar with martial arts may balk at the idea of their children participating in the activity. Common concerns among such parents are that martial arts are dangerous and might make children aggressive and more likely to get into fights. Some moms and dads also worry that the training might be too vigorous and that the discipline needed to learn and practice martial arts is too demanding of their sensitive kids.