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If you’re planning to learn a martial art, you’re probably interested in securing the many physical, mental, and health-boosting benefits of martial arts training. You might also understand that mastering a martial art is a significant challenge that requires dedication, hard work, and hundreds—if not thousands—of hours of training.

And while you might not be planning to seek the esteemed Golden Mongkol Level 9 skill level in Muay Thai or a 10th-degree black belt in karate, you undoubtedly want to achieve some level of success. So, let’s ask some experts how to achieve success in their martial arts pursuits. With personal success in martial arts and years of helping others succeed, Tallahassee-based Train. Fight. Win. co-owners Sky and Alissa Rudloe have some tips for you. Read on for their take on martial arts success, and then consider signing up for an unlimited first day of classes at their world-class Tallahassee studio.


The first step in securing success in your martial arts journey involves choosing the right martial art. That is a martial art that aligns with your interests (physical conditioning, technique, self-defense, etc.), personal goals, and physical capabilities. On the one hand, this could seem challenging as there are almost 200 martial arts disciplines to choose from. On the other hand, your choices will undoubtedly be limited by geographic availability. Even if you’re interested in the Sinhalese martial art Angampora or perhaps the Polynesian discipline of Limalama, you may have difficulty finding a studio or teacher in your area.

We suggest that you begin with one of the more popular martial arts and, once you established a level of success with it, seek out training in an esoteric discipline you may be intrigued with. Train. Fight. Win. offers clients training in many of the most popular martial arts disciplines, including:

  • Bang Muay Thai—an offshoot of the highly popular Thai-originated art of Muay Thai, which is practiced extensively in today’s professional mixed martial arts (MMA).
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu—also widely used in MMA, this martial art emphasizes grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds.
  • Kickboxing—typically melds kick-based martial arts with Western boxing and other martial arts disciplines.
  • Boxing—this strike-based martial art goes beyond traditional Western boxing, as many martial arts include strike-oriented techniques that can be used in the discipline.
  • Wrestling—yes, wrestling is a martial art, and many disciplines, including MMA, incorporate wrestling moves in their techniques.
  • Judo—an Olympic sport since 1964, this Japanese martial art emphasizes throws, takedowns, grappling, and submission holds.
  • Grappling—rather than a distinct martial art, many disciplines incorporate a wide range of grappling techniques as part of their programs.


To ensure success when you begin martial arts training, set realistic goals and commit to a training regimen that works well with your daily schedule and weekly responsibilities. In setting goals, focus first on specific short-term objectives rather than a major accomplishment such as earning a belt or entering a tournament. Sure, keep major goals in the back of your mind, but focus on smaller goals like mastering a new technique, and once accomplished, move on to the next one. Your smaller successes in learning new skills and techniques will help you stay motivated and inevitably move you toward that major martial art accomplishment.

As for committing to a training regimen, find a studio that offers classes you can take consistently so that you can develop a structured training routine. Train. Fight. Win. offers a class schedule geared towards martial arts training at all levels and in developing specific techniques and physical fitness conditioning.


Even though you are already interested in martial arts, we’d like to remind you of all the benefits our clients reap from taking our classes. As these benefits accrue during your training at Train. Fight. Win., you’ll find that they further motivate your path to success in martial arts. Our classes significantly boost:

  • Strength, power, and speed
  • Body tone
  • Weight loss
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Mental acuity and concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-defense skills


Last, while no one who trains with Train. Fight. Win. has to engage in sparring or otherwise compete, many of our clients gain enough confidence through their training that they turn to sparring to further boost their skills, and some move on to actual competition. In fact, sparring is a great motivator that spurs people on to further success in their martial arts trajectory. Think about it: if you’ve spent hours on skills training and conditioning, don’t you want to see how you’ll do in a real-world situation?

Sparring provides a safe, controlled situation to practice your skills and helps quickly bring your martial arts training to the next level and move your goalposts. Most of our clients who try sparring enjoy its gamesmanship, adrenalin rush, and real-time enhancement in learning skills and techniques. And once you’ve gained enough confidence in your ability to spar, you might just want to take it to the next competitive level, which will further ensure your martial arts success.


To secure martial arts success in the Tallahassee area, Train. Fight. Win offers classes for all fitness and skill levels, with training intensity moderated as needed for individual comfort. To reap the best in martial arts benefits, sign up for a class at Tallahassee-based Train. Fight. Win. by contacting us today at (850) 727-8421.