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We typically picture professional athletes when we consider our ideal for peak physical fitness. This makes sense because to stay on top of their respective games—whatever they might be—such athletes need top-level strength, power, flexibility, balance, agility, speed, reaction time, coordination, and aerobic and muscular endurance. Depending upon the sport and/or position played, some of these physical fitness components may be more crucial than others.

However, the demands of professional mixed martial arts fighting require these athletes to maintain their absolute peak in all of them. This tends to make professional mixed martial arts fighters among the fittest of all professional athletes. You can significantly boost your physical fitness by adopting the training techniques used by these elite athletes. And the owners of Tallahassee-based Train. Fight. Win. will tell you that adding a little kick to your workout routine through their kickboxing program is an excellent introduction to mixed martial arts. Not only does kickboxing training help you shred pounds and get ripped, but it also develops the other core components of physical fitness while conferring mental benefits, as well.


Kickboxing is a broad-based term used to describe a range of combat sports boxing styles that rely on kicking and punching to overcome an opponent. Kickboxing styles include karate, Muay Thai, Kun Khmer, Savate, and numerous other variations. These primarily evolved over the centuries on a regional basis, especially in Southeast Asia. In recent decades the hybridization of kickboxing further developed with the emergence of distinct Japanese, American, and Dutch kickboxing styles, with their own specific rules.

As a competition, no single governing body regulates the sport; rather, most of the various styles are regulated by their own distinct associations. In general, competitions are held in boxing rings, and competitors wear boxing gloves and mouthguards, though the feet are often left bare. Amateur competitors and those who practice kickboxing for physical fitness typically wear more protection, such as headgear, foot guards, groin protectors, shin pads, and other protective padding.

In recent decades, kickboxing also evolved to become a popular and effective self-defense regimen. Whether for sport or self-defense, it is also increasingly being recognized for its kick-ass ability to build all elements of physical fitness quickly. And you don’t have to “fight” to practice kickboxing because classes at Train. Fight. Win. allow participants to limit contact to meet their specific comfort levels (though you might find yourself wanting to try sparring after you’ve gained some proficiency).


You can meet whatever fitness goals you seek with kickboxing.

  • Burn calories?—Check! How about up to 1,000 per class?
  • Tone your body?—Check! Kickboxing is a full-body workout that will strengthen and tone pretty much every muscle in your body.
  • Increase strength and power? Hello, and let us repeat: “full-body workout!”
  • Boost endurance?—Absolutely! Kickboxing is highly effective at enhancing cardio and muscular endurance. The more you practice, the bigger the gains in your stamina.
  • Improve coordination?—You bet! Kickboxing involves significant hand-to-eye and foot-to-eye coordination, along with frequent and rapid directional changes. After several weeks of training, the synchronization of your mind with your muscles will provide you with a distinct improvement in coordination and balance.
  • Enhance flexibility?—Sure thing! Stretching and getting limber are key elements of our classes because flexibility helps prevent injuries.

The above represents the primary physical fitness conditioning benefits that come with kickboxing. But get kicking because there’s more.

Consider that kickboxing workouts significantly strengthen your core, which in turn will make you stand taller—hello improved posture. Kickboxing’s cardio elements boost endorphins and help your body release toxins, giving you a boost in daily energy levels. In a related fashion, the fast and furious bodily movements required for kickboxing will help release stress. And, that hand-to-eye and foot-to-eye coordination you’ll be building? That will lead to a noticeable increase in your ability to maintain focus and concentration.

Last, did we mention that kickboxing is fun? It is, and you can just ask anyone you meet when you come to try it out on your first day. Train. Fight. Win. co-owners Sky and Alissa Rudloe strive to ensure their classes effectively teach mixed martial arts techniques and provide exceptional fitness benefits. But they also know that training and fitness regimens can become repetitive and dull. Thus, their classes take a multi-faceted approach to break up any sense of routine and to mix in some fun.


If you would like to learn more about the unique benefits of kickboxing, sign up for a class or two as part of a free day of unlimited classes at Tallahassee-based Train. Fight. Win. Kick your physical and mental fitness into gear today by contacting Train. Fight. Win. at (850) 727-8421.